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Non-traditional program with lectures and study material presented on the internet and classroom.


Students with an AA, AS, or AAS, after completion of the program, are eligible for employment AND can sit for the HT (ASCP) licensing examination.

Histotechnology Training Center

Histotechnicians, Histologic Technicians and Histotechnologist are all experienced laboratory personnel that prepare human or animal tissue samples for microscopic examination by the pathologist. The microscopic slides created by these technicians assist pathologists in the detection of diagnosis of cancer and other pathological conditions.

Tissue samples are prepared and diagnosed through fixation, embedding, sectioning, and staining. 

These specialized technicians are detail oriented and use their fine motor skills to integrate theoretical knowledge with the completion of tissue preparation for a specific purpose.

Academic Initiatives Available Through HTC

  • The Junior Scientist Training Program (JSTP) – Students can participate in a hands-on research training program.

  •  A scientific group for STEM students.

  • Student groups can rotate through Associates in Tissue Technology's laboratory.

A Young Scientist looking through a micr
Science Lab Student
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